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Windows 10
Pair & Connect Your Mixcder Headphone with Your Windows 10 Computer
 Important: Make sure to disconnect your audio cable from both your headphone and computer before attempting to pair via Bluetooth。
Please Note: Windows 10 has been found to negatively impact some device drivers. You may need to update your computer’s Bluetooth driver before attempting to pair and connect to your Mixcder headphone. YourMixcder headphone will not require any drivers as there are no drivers for it. Bluetooth drivers must come from the specific manufacturer for your exact computer model. Download and install the appropriate Bluetooth driver from your computer vendor’s website and then restart your system before attempting to pair and connect to your Mixcder headphone.
Click on the Windows Icon (located on the far left of the desktop toolbar) and the Start Menu will display. Then, click “Settings”
Click on “Devices” in the Settings window:

Click the “Bluetooth” tab on the left side of the Devices window.

Under “Manage Bluetooth devices”. make sure Bluetooth is turned on. If not, slide the Bluetooth switch from left to right and the Bluetooth on your computer will turn on:

Now, turn on your Mixcder headphone. Take Mixcder E7 as an example. Press and hold the power button until the indicator that flashes blue slowly becomes flashing red and blue alternately. At this moment, the system is in the pairing mode, waiting to pair with other devices. Click “Ready to pair”under your speaker in the list of devices:

Then, click the “Pair” button to begin the pairing process:

Once the pairing process begins. please wait and stay patient while Windows installs your Mixcder headphone–a small progress bar will appear under your headphone:
You have now paired and connected your Mixcder headphone to your computer.

The next step is to select theMixcder headphone as your audio playback device. By doing this, you will switch from your internal or default headphone (
your built-in laptop headphones. for example) and be able to use your Mixcder Headphone to play audio. instead.

Right click the Sound Icon 
(located on the right side of the desktop toolbar) and click “Playback Devices” from the drop down menu:

The Sound pop up window will now appear. If your Mixcder headphone is currently connected to your computer, it will appear in this window.

You will see two listings for your Mixcder headphone: one as “Headset” and the other as “Headphones”. Click on the “Headphones” listing on the list of devices. Then. click “Set Default” on the bottom right of the Sound pop up window.

Please note: In order to play audio. ensure that the “Headphones” listing for your Mixcder Headphone is set as your default playback device. You will not be able to play audio if the “Headset” listing is selected.

Your Mixcder headphone will now be able to play audio via Bluetooth from your device. Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the Sound pop up window and you’re ready to go:

Please note: If you are experiencing difficulty with connecting to your Mixcder headphone. you may need to unpair the headphone from your device and restart the connection process.

To do so. return to the “Manage Bluetooth devices” window under “Settings” and click on your Mixcder headphone. Select “Remove device” and then confirm that you want to disconnect. YourMixcder headphone will then unpair from your device.

After doing this, please repeat the steps for pairing and connecting your Mixcder headphone to your device.